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We recruit, select, and mediate within five sectors: administration, commercial, industrial, technical, and logistics. Invite possesses a strong regional network for jobs at all educational levels.

Services of Invite

Temporary staffing

Vacancies; temporary or permanent, seasonal peaks, vacation, or maternity leave: we find the right employee for you. From contract to payroll; we handle it for you!

Before presenting candidates to you, we consider it important to get to know them well. It contributes to ensuring they are a perfect fit for your organization and requirements. It starts with a personal interview at one of our offices. If necessary, candidates also undergo a skill test.

We can tailor these tests for you, such as a logistics test or assembly test. This way, we ensure they align with the specific skills you demand.

Recruitment and selection

For clients seeking a 'permanent' employee, we also leverage our regional network. We search for the best match in terms of skills and personality to find an employee for you with whom you can establish a long-term partnership. The employee is hired directly by you with a contract duration, monthly salary, and your own terms and conditions that you determine. We'll work with a determined fee upfront. 


You handle the recruitment, we handle the selection. You do the recruiting yourself. Because you receive many unsolicited applications, have a strong employer brand, or have already met a potential new colleague through connections. You prefer to outsource the selection process to a specialist. Invite takes over the entire selection process from you and chooses the best-fitting candidate.

Vacancy service

Provide us with your vacancy, and we will come visit in person to get to know you and your company. This way, we can present the right candidate even faster.

Find an office in your region and schedule an appointment. Prepare the coffee, and we'll be on our way! Of course, you can always come by for a cup of coffee at one of our offices as well!


We recruit candidates into a talent pool, which is an innovative tool integrated into our software system. We create a profile of the talent you are looking for. We gather information about your needs and the specific requirements of the position(s). Our system always matches based on these criteria, and as soon as one of our colleagues has spoken to a potential candidate, they will automatically be added to the talent pool. Your account manager will then receive a notification that new talent is available. After a personal assessment, we present the candidate to you.


We are certified with NEN4400-1 and hold the ABU and SNA quality marks. This provides you with assurance and contributes to a successful collaboration due to our well-structured processes.

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